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Christmas Red Fairy Door Set

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Fairy doors are miniature gateways to special worlds occupied by the fairies. They attach to walls, shelves or even trees and children interact with their fairy friends by leaving letters– and getting deliveries in return on the doorstep! Not only do fairy doors bring magic to children's worlds, but they also inspire lots of pretend play.

How gorgeous then for the most special time of the year to have a special fairy door sceneChristmas. 

This kit contains

  • 1 x Red Fairy Door (which opens outwards)
  • 1 x Christmas Wreath
  • 1 x White Letter Box (that opens)
  • 1 x Welcome Mat
  • 2 x Candy Canes
  • 1 x Snowman
  • 1 x Sleigh
  • 1 x Ladder
  • 1 x Gas light
  • 1 x Gold key
  • 1 x Christmas Tree
  • 2 x Mini fence pieces
  • 2x Christmas Boxes

Please look at the photos for measurements