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Hatchimals Crystal Flyer Pastel Kawaii Doll

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Light up the sky with the Crystal Flyers Pastel Kawaii doll! Crystal Flyers can really fly with your help! Inside the egg, you’ll find a Crystal Flyers doll with glittery wings, makeup, and a pastel dress. Remove your flying toy from her egg and charge her with the included USB cable until she’s ready to air dance! Switch your fairy doll on and the LED lights on her dress pulse as her wings begin to flutter and spin. Let her go and use your magic to guide her! Featuring a built-in sensor, she knows where your hands are as you help her fly indoors.

As she hovers above your hands, her dress spins, and her wings sparkle! Made of durable and safety tested materials, if you accidentally touch her wings while she’s flying, it’s safe: her auto-stop feature makes her stop flying.  Bring the Crystal Flyers Pastel Kawaii doll to life – the magic is in your hands!

  • Remember to use indoors
  • to watch instructions on how to use watch