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Disney Princess

Tangled Rapunzel Glow in the Dark Girls Wig

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"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" beckons Huntsman Flynn Ryder. The Princess of Disney's classic film "Tangled" (2010) with the famous long blonde, magical hair, Rapunzel's story was inspired by the beautiful fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. With chameleon friend Pascal by her side, she is locked in Mother Gothel's secluded tower, awaiting her freedom. And along rides the rugged Eugene on his side-kick horse Maximus, to wins the heart of the golden Princess.
  • Iconic blonde colour, long and straight strands
  • Elements of this wig have a glow in the dark feature
  • Hair strand made of polypropylene. Fabric content polyester
  • Dress not included
  • This is an officially licensed Disney product
  • 80cm long