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The Illustrated Fairy Gazette: Festivals & Fairs

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The Illustrated Fairy Gazettes are produced BY fairies FOR fairies in a fairy world few mortals have ever been lucky enough to encounter.

Discovered by the Tyrrells over the course of half-a-century, this stunning gazette gives us a window into every aspect of fairy society. Packed with the details of fairy life, features, fashion, craft, recipes and much, much more, this remarkable publication will silence the most cynical of disbelievers, and thoroughly enchant all fairy friends.

This edition covers four seasons of festivals, including Mother’s Day (very important for Fairy Godmothers), the festival of light, and the lavender festival. It also includes features on fashion for festivals and festival crafts.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Author Avril Tyrrell,
  • Illustrator Frances Tyrrell
  • Country/Region of Manufacture Australia