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Cotton Candy Imports

Whimsical Fairy Solar House

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How fabulous is this Solar Power Fairy Whimsical House, it is really old world and very spooky!!!in the middle of the night when all is dark the house glows. What a gorgeous addition to your fairy garden or a stand alone decoration.

  • Height: 32cm, Width: 16cm, Length: 14cm approx.
  • It is manufactured in a high quality poly resin, hand-painted then sealed with weather-resistant finishes. 
  • It is battery operated and comes fitted with a rechargeable AA battery.
  • There is a solar panel on the back that charges the batteries during the day so at night time the lights come on. 
  •  A charming addition to your fairy garden
These are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
If using outdoors please remember to protect the paint with  a product that provides protection from ultraviolet rays, with an application of some clear acrylic or UV protectant spray.