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Disney Princess

Disney Princess Mermaid Ariel Child Wand

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Affectionately known as the Little Mermaid, this Disney Princess of the Sea and star of the 1989 movie is known for her long flowing red hair and adventurous ways. Daughter of King Triton, the mischievous Ariel always tested the boundaries of right and wrong, with her well-intentioned friends Sebastian and Flounder. With the wicked Ursula on her tail, having stolen her magical singing voice, it will take more than a dinglehopper at the bottom of the ocean, to find her Prince Eric.
  • Ariel plastic wand with mother of pearl coloured clam shell feature at the top
  • Wand features plastic character motif of Ariel, the Little Mermaid at the base of the shell
  • Purple streamer and plastic bubble chain are attached to the wand
  • Ultimate Princess dress, shoes and tiara sold separately
  • This is an officially licensed Disney product