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Jack in The Box

Growing Pet Dragon Egg

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Introducing the magical Growing Pet Dragon Egg! It may start off as a tiny 5.5 cm egg, but oh boy, the surprises it holds! Just plop it into water and watch the suspense unfold. In just 12-24 hours, *crack!* The egg cracks open to reveal a magnificent baby dragon. But wait, there’s more! This little cutie grows into a full-sized dragon within 48 hours. It’s like watching Game of Thrones in fast-forward! Follow the instructions on the back of the box and prepare for an epic adventure with your fiery new friend. Oh, did we mention? These eggs come in red because dragons don’t do basic colors. Get ready to embark on a mythical journey with your very own Growing Pet Dragon Egg!

  • 5.5 cm Egg
  • Put in water, after 12-24 hrs egg cracks open, Dragon then grows within 48 hrs
  • Instructions on back of box
  • Eggs comes in red
  • Not intended for children under 5 years of age