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Jack in The Box

Growing Pet Unicorn Egg

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Are you ready for some magical pet-ernity? Introducing the Growing Pet Unicorn Egg, the ultimate surprise that will leave you believing in miracles! This teeny-tiny 5.5 cm egg holds a big secret. Just pop it in water and watch the magic unfold. Within 12-24 hours, the egg cracks open and reveals a baby unicorn. But hold your sparkles, because this little cutie isn’t done growing yet! In just 48 hours, you’ll have a majestic unicorn companion by your side. Instructions are included on the back of the box, so even unicorns-in-training can handle it. Get ready to experience pure enchantment with our pink and purple eggs. It’s like hatching happiness right in your own home!

  • 5.5 cm Egg
  • Put in water, after 12-24 hrs egg cracks open, Unicorn then grows within 48 hrs
  • Instructions on back of box
  • Eggs come in pink and purple (randomly selected)
  • Not intended for children under 3 years of age