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Love and Hug

Love & Hug Shimmer Mermaid Doll

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The Mermaid’s sparkly tulle skirt & shimmery top accents her iridescent, multi-coloured tail. Her bright blue stylish, braided hair is adorned with ribbon and seashell detail. Time to fall in love and give her a big hug!

  • Sparkly tulle skirt & shimmery top with an iridescent, multi-coloured tail.
  • Cute embroidered face will be sure to make you smile. 
  • Your child will love to hold and cuddle the soft, plush doll. 
  • Encourages storytelling and communication skills. 
  • Love & Hug 43cm/18" Shimmer Mermaid Doll measures 8.07"w  x 3.15"d  x 18”h
  • Suitable for children ages 6 months and above.
  • Super huggable