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Disney Fairies

Tinker Bell Scene Setter - Disney Fairies

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Instantly transform any wall into a magical wonderland with this Tinkerbell and her friends Scene Setter – Disney Fairies! Featuring Tinkerbell, this scene setter is a perfect way to add a touch of fun and whimsy to any room. 

This scene setter features Tinker Bell, and the Fairies - Rosetta, Fawn, Silver Mist and Iridessa against a vibrant backdrop with pixie dust and flowers.

This lightweight plastic Tinker Bell Scene Setter has a "Happy Birthday" message on the top banner. Easy to hang, reusable and a great background for taking photos at your next Tinker Bell themed birthday party.

This Tinker Bell Scene Setter package contains:
2 Large Banners - 82.5cm x 149.9cm
1 Happy Birthday Banner - 113cm x 40.6cm
2 Small Banners - 26cm x 40.6cm